Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Hello again, hope you had a lovely Christmas! We had a lovely relaxing day and I've been revelling in time off work!

No big pic of the tree, but my favourite Stanley/Toby decoration:

My Secret Santa Swap goodies are wonderful, my first swap and I must say I really enjoyed choosing little gifts for my swap partner, blog land really is a lovely place! My Santa was very generous indeed and I had a lovely pile of goodies to unwrap, pictured before and after:

I'm definately going to make some of the lovely cookies suggested in the book, and the quilts and fabrics and lovely trimmings provide real food for thought! Soaps, lipbalms and the lovely melt are well in use and the chocs are no more I'm afraid! Just need my Mr to help me pin up the heart hook, I'm a sucker for jewellery so have one more place to hang necklaces! Thanks Santa!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Comfort and Joy

A week to go and then I can flop down and relax! University work is going really well, I bagged 84% on my first assignment so I'm really pleased I seem to be managing to juggle full time work with my studies :) This year Mr TTC and I have decided for the first year of our 10 together that we will have our Christmas dinner just the two of us (and Tobydog of course!) and I must say I'm feeling good about doing something special just for us. Every year we have the 'whose parents do we go to' discussion, there's a lot to consider and I felt that last year I was pulled in all sorts of directions! I'm looking forward to home comforts and a peaceful Christmas whatever happens!

I hope you have a restful time and a break fellow bloggers, all the best for the festive season! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Snow business

Hello again! It's been a bit of a boring old week of getting to grips with my new job, handing in my first OU assignment and doing a bit of wedding planning on the side. That said, in the last few weeks we have made good progress, I have a dress and a headband, we have a venue for the service and the reception so things are well on their way, and we have lots and lots of ideas waiting to be pulled together!

We've been a bit stuck in on account of the North East weather! I love the snow, it's beautiful, I only wish I had time to stop and enjoy it like the kids near us, we didn't get to see it with its roof on but I was impressed with the construction so far!

We did however get out on a walk with Toby this weekend and had great fun clambering around and about the snow, carrying our little terrier across the deepest patches, I've a pair of wellies on order and Mr TTC has been wearing some 'interesting' footwear this week! Better prepared next time though!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Snow's here!

We've had a LOT of early snow today, naturally Tobydog is making the most of snuffling and digging in it, carnage on the roads, public transport ground to a halt, late for work, but my goodness it's so pretty! Feeling all festive tonight!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Crisp winter day walk

When we woke up this morning this beauty was grazing on the field at the end of the street:

Gorgeous weather for a walk out, a little muddy but that's never stopped us!

A short post, because I've really got to get some uni work done! Hope you have a lovely weekend! x

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Wedding talk

Hello again, uni work and a new job have been distracting me of late and I've been keeping up to date with your lovely blogs, but not my own! I am just about to be promoted, which is lovely and a real compliment, but terrible timing as I've just started my part time degree and I know this is mad, but we've set a date for our wedding next July too! I've been spending lots of time mulling lots of things over of late, work wise and home wise while we've had an interlude from doing the kitchen.

Mr TTC and I have been in love for nearly ten years, each other's first loves, and yet planning the wedding has really made me reflect on what marriage means! I've loved thinking about music and readings and making it a special day for us, and our family and friends, and the fact that it's a small affair makes it all the more special! Outside of the planning though it's been lovely to take the time to reflect on our partnership, how we've grown up together, and the promise of what the future holds - how exciting!

I'm still thinking about a fiftieth post giveaway, so watch this space - camera is getting a rest as it's out of action at the moment!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Hello again

Sorry it's been so long, the kitchen has taken longer than expected owing to some unexpected problems but I'm back online, we have a working fridge freezer, oven, hob and washing machine but it's still a while off being finished, can't wait til I can show you some final pictures. In fact, this lovely sign Mr TTC did in the kitchen mess says it all:

In the meantime, a huge thanks to Melissa at Country in the Town for these wonderful giveaway prizes, they arrived at a particularly low moment in the kitchen process, thanks :) x

Beautiful things:

Gorgeous mug in situ in the new kitchen:

Autumn is here, but not for long, lots of lovely colours to see on walks with Toby but the leaves are falling fast and we've had some very cold nights.

Luckily my new biscuit barrel is keeping me company, but not for too long as I am having a look in a wedding dress shop this weekend!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

A new toy

A big thanks to who introduced this new toy from this website I am using it to let you know I'll be awol for a wee while whilst the kitchen revamp is underway, I'll have time at work lunchbreaks to read your lovely blogs, but little time to post, and no photo facility! When I return I'm planning a 50th post giveaway which is pretty exciting! See you soon!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

New beginnings

Well I've had a busy few weeks but I'm back! First we saw my little bro head off to Uni, I think he's gonna really enjoy it but I really miss him, he'll be back soon for his birthday though so I'll have to spoil him rotten with stuff to take back to his Halls of Residence! And it's back to uni for me too, really odd to have a Student Union card after five years of being away from academia but I'm really looking forward to it and the OU seems really good. Mr TTC treated me to a fab new lamp for the study, I'm a sucker for glitter and lava lamps so combining the two is great!

These beauts also turned up on the same day when I returned from work, gorgeous smell and all, I love gerberas!

The spare room is also in much better nick ready for me starting my studies, this beauty came from my parents house and I wouldn't let them throw it out, I love it, I'm going to get our joiner to fit shelves for me to store my crafts (btw kitchen refit starts next week, eek!) the paper is underfoot as it had just been moved and was a bit wobbly but it looks good in its new home!

And this wee kiddies bookshelf was an old antiques fayre find, looking much better now my clutter has had the boot!

It's a busy old time at the moment but we've taken time out for lots of walks with Toby and this reminded me not to complain about the rainy day walks!

That's all for now but I'll be back soon with some exciting kitchen pics I hope!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Don't you just love a good sunset? This is probably one of the last ones of the summer, gorgeous night, we just sat out on the field by our house with Toby and watched it go down, perfect!
I'm having a really busy old week with work and getting prepared for uni, who doesn't love buying new stationery though? Pics to follow when I get my bags unpacked!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Three of my favourite things...and a wedding venue, hurrah!

It' s been a quiet sorta week, we took three days off together, so we had a short working week which was lovely, followed by a weekend of R&R. My three favourite things from this week were:

Exhibit A: Fry's Turkish Delight, never could resist that pink wrapper!

Exhibit B: Airing the house out so a hound got up on the bed - "what do you mean I'm not supposed to be here?"

Exhibit C: Gorgeous dusky rose plant, engagement present from a lovely friend from Uni!

We found time to see the wedding venue we've been thinking of, we both agreed it has everything we need and more and would be a lovely backdrop, but a blank canvas inside. I don't want to give too much away, but am too excited not to share a sneaky peek with you! It won't be a huge wedding, or a hugely expensive wedding either, but we've fallen in love with the setting and it's a place with lots of happy memories, not least of all because we both came here as kids before we even met and now share our own memories of the place too! I am really looking forward to the crafty ideas I have in mind, better get a guest list together eh!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Wow, that's a bright cardigan!

Mr TTC treated me to this beauty today, one of the very few items of clothing purchased in the last six months, but worth breaking the 'no spend' rule because this is by far my favourite ever colour! It's a little more orange than this, more a mustard colour. Mr TTC no longer rolls his eyes when I ask for quite random photos for my blog! Have a lovely weekend sweets!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Books books books! and a plea to visit your local library if you don't already!

Having re-visited the local library I'm amazed at what they have on offer now! When I was younger I was an even more avid reader, but started to find I'd read all of their stock! Now I have new interests and have found lots of lovely craft and cookery books at my local. I picked up this little gem, I was going to buy this a while back, how thrifty is that! It's a lovely book, part thrifty ideas, like a cakestand made from old plates and dainty teacups; part designer furniture, lots of inspiration here.

I'm also re-reading these beauties from my own collection, lots of snippets, tips and titbits to dip into so they're kept by the bed, I adore their covers too! My love of macaroons spiralled out of control after reading the Laduree pages! Apologies for their jaunty angle, problems with the editor!

And finally, a Lapin and Me buy, a 100drine tin for my love letters from Mr TTC, they were getting a little worn and faded so now they have a lovely home! I'm a sucker for a love letter, we send each other little notes now, but the ones from the early days, from when we were 17, now they're really special! I'm getting all mushy, time for a cuppa I think!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

A day out at the beach

Had a fantastic day out yesterday, a good friend called over to pick me and Tobydog up for a day out at Marsden Rock. It was all clear skies and a little bit of sun too.

Toby really did me proud, he was fabulously well behaved in the car, and with my friend's two dogs and we had a really nice long walk to blow the cobwebs away. I think you can see from his little face and his salty beard that he enjoyed his day out! Days like this really make me wish Mr TTC and/or I had learned to drive! Although I like to think we're an environmentally friendly family having a car would definately enhance the way we spend our weekends, so I'm encouraging my man to learn soon in the hope that we could maybe just hire a car as and when instead.

We're off to the flicks tonight to see The Secret in Their Eyes, an Argintine film at our lovely little independent cinema, will let you know how it was!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Troc Broc and Recup's Magazine Swap!

I'm super excited to be taking part in my first blogland swap! I'm a real magazine fiend, if you are too then check out the swap being hosted here! Floss' french blog is a lovely place to stop by and read and I think this will be a popular swap judging by people's reactions to the last one!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Come back summer!

We've had some stinking weather recently in Gateshead! The driving rain and cold nights have really been getting me down but Mr TTC has been keeping my spirits up, this is the special coffee he made me on Sunday to cheer my spirits, with squirty cream and cinnamon, yum!

On Saturday the weather was vile but we buttoned up and headed to the coast for the night to blow the cobwebs away. As a surprise my lovely fiance (still love saying it!) had packed a dinner so we didn't get fish and chips, instead we had still warm quiche on a little bench on the seafront! I love eating outside, everything tastes better don't you think!

I promised an antique, here they are, a stunning engagement gift from my in-laws-to-be! So thoughtful and so us, I still can't get over how sparkling they are, a lovely surprise from lovely people!

Friday, 13 August 2010

A fab book recommendation

We've taken a long weekend together but the weather has been absolutely rubbish! I did something I haven't done for ages and ages and headed to our local library. I read my book in just one day, that's right, it was that good. The chosen book was The Italian Wedding by Nicky Pellegrino, I think the taste of Italy on a rubbish rainy day is what made it so appealing, it was brilliant and I highly recommend it for anyone wanting a bit of escapism. Now I must read her other books!

No photos, but I do have a very exciting antique to show off tomorrow!

Saturday, 7 August 2010


Hello again! I have finally sat down and filled out the forms so I will officially be a student again come November, I hope full time work and part time uni will be manageable but suspect crafty activities may unfortunately suffer, that said, I might be well on the way with my first patchwork quilt by then and might need somewhere to hide from all the work!

Thought I'd start by showing you the lovely giveaway goodies I received this week from Sal at her beautiful blog Sal's Snippets - thanks Sal, they're gorgeous and my shaky cam doesn't do them justice, the smell of lavender in my wardrobe is divine and the lacy beauty now adorns what was a very bare bookshelf!

I'm a big fan of minitures and would love to own a dolls house, hence I tend to covet tiny treasures, latest finds, a pretty little teapot bangle, very Alice in Wonderland, no? Also a lovely little pin picked up at the lovely new shop Made in Newcastle perfect for my autumn wardrobe.

Finally, this week saw the return of an old treasure, my now 27 year old baby blanket as made by my mother when I was a tiny dot, much loved, passed from me to my siblings and then onto cousins and extended family, I thought it might never return but it has, a little worn and faded and in need of some new binding and TLC but still precious to me!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Rotary cutter pain!

No photos or crafty Sunday today, sustained a hideous rotary cutter injury last night, it bled a lot and just thinking about using it again for a little while gives me the heebie jeebies! Loving how the patchwork squares are coming along though so I'll get back on in the next couple of days!

Hope you're having a restful Sunday, I have Mr Rosenblum's List by Natascha Solomons to read and my dear fiance (still love saying that) has a creamy blue cheese pasta on the go with a nice glass of red wine, perfect Sunday evening in our house!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Engagement week off!

I just have to share the pics of the beautiful engagement cake our lovely friend made us, I wish I could keep some for you but it's going fast, and it tastes as good as it looks. We have some wonderful friends, can't wait to share our wedding plans with them!

Big thanks to Janet Clare for her recommendation of the Fat Quarters at Blackhall Mill, it did not disappoint. The surrounding area was lovely, we had a really nice walk and then I picked up a Moda pack, a scrap pack which was great value, and some other bits and bats, I am pleased with the colour choices, now on with my first quilt ever!

We spotted this lovely little beauty:

Moda fabrics:

Scrap pack - lots and lots to see here:

Bits and bats:

Toby is sporting a very fine bandana made from a piece from the scrap pack, I was getting bored towards the end of our week off!

Well it's back to earth with a bump, lots of people to tell our exciting news to, but lots of work to do at the same time!