Monday, 29 March 2010

More glass!

These are the finished pieces from my course. I thoroughly enjoyed all ten weeks and I'm thinking about doing another sometime later this year.

I'm revisiting some music I love at the moment, watching Wonders of the Solar System with Mr TTC and the wee hound himself reminded me of Clem Snide's Moment in the Sun and Ed Harcourt's Watching the Sun Come Up <3

Monday, 8 March 2010

Why thank you, I made it myself!

Was overjoyed today after receiving a compliment about the necklace I was wearing and was able to say I 'made it myself' I've been bitten by the bug after 8 classes! I was wearing the mustard coloured one to a meeting when the lovely lady commented. You can just make out the sparkly dichroic.

Just a couple of cool things to share, firstly my magic garden before it shed its colourful plumes, and real flowers bought as a gift for me on Mr TTC's birthday, always lovely to receive flowers but these hyacinths are especially scented and fill the room with their heady fragrance, just gorgeous!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

A mid year resolution

I resolve to return to blogging!

After a week off work I'm not overjoyed to be returning tomorrow. This week has seen our bedroom revamped and much closer to the space I always hoped for; as a childhood room sharer I'm pleased to have reclaimed my dressing table and have re-discovered my pretty Roberts radio so hopefully the new look is here to stay (photos to follow) and the mornings will be a little brighter as we move into Spring.