Monday, 31 May 2010

Cath Kidston Sew bag finally!

I have a confession, I love to sew but I am terrible at it! Blood, sweat and tears went into this bag, most of it is hand sewn after my machine broke down half way through; it's the first bag I've ever made and the fabric was precut with the book and I have no excuses for how bad it is or all the corners I cut, but it's finished at long last! I have to say for a first attempt it's not that bad, but as the granddaughter of a fantastic seamstress I should be better at this!

(Apologies also I appear to be suffering from shaky cam!)

I returned home from a rubbish day all the way to London and back to Newcastle for a one hour meeting to find these beauties in my living room, my Mam walks Toby most lunchtimes so these were a more than welcome surprise from her front garden.


  1. Hi, that looks really good to me! I've only made one mini tote and a few little drawstring topped ones so I'm impressed :)

    By the way there is something you might want to see on my latest blog post!

    mel xxx

  2. hi just found your blog through mel
    Iv'e had the same bag hanging around since christmas Im not much of a sewer and I'm scared of making a pigs ear of it, how long did it take you to make ?
    Cate x

    ps nice to meet you

  3. It looks great to me. You'll soon get the bug. Nice to find your Blog. Hugs Amanda and the bears

  4. Yay, I'm so glad you're pleased! I think I have all the stuff together now (just got to figure out how to send lol). Will put a couple of pics of the goodies up on my blog later today and if you want to email me your details to I will get it packed up :)

    Mel xxx