Saturday, 22 May 2010

A perfect day

Today has been just beautiful, this weather really brings out the good in me, it's supposedly the warmest weekend of the year and we've really made the most of our Saturday. Mr TTC took Toby out this morning when the sun was at its brightest and warmest. Then a quick trip to the shops for picnic food, and a cider and sandwich in a new found quiet spot down 'the path,' our favourite walk. When we first moved here people said this was God's little acre, I like that, and it was true today! Finally we ended the day on a last walk out with Toby, the final rays of the day glinting through the trees. You can track our wee terrier's mood in the photos, hot so having a lie down and a rest, sniffing and nibbling on the grass and then a big yawn at the end of a long day!

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