Sunday, 20 June 2010

Cath Kidston goodies

I was lucky to have a work team building awayday to York this week - Mr TTC and I don't drive and so I rarely get the chance for a day out! We had a terrific terrifying time at the York Dungeon and I had the chance to pop into the CK shop to stock up on two Crush mugs to replace the one we broke and so we also have a spare (I'm such a sucker for a matching set!).

We've been saving to get our kitchen done for so long that treats have been few and far between, we started our frugal living plan in January and said this would be a month of little treats to keep us going (hence my shoes, the lovely earrings and book!) I couldn't resist these CK teatowels which will be put away until the new kitchen is done in September! The little lighthouse lamp was spotted at an antiques market last year and I bartered it down so I could spend our last tenner on it, it's a fave in our house!


  1. ah I know how you feel my kitchen is in need. I have had floor tiles stacked against the back door for months we now use them as a table.
    I'm thinking of making some tea towels if I can find the right fabric :)

    cate x

  2. Those CK mugs are great - we have a few here & are perfect for wakeup coffees :)

    Good luck with the saving - a new kitchen will make it all worth while.

  3. Oohh the Cath Kidston shop at York is fantastic isn't it?
    I've just posted today about some more CK goodies that I have recently bought too!

  4. I love York!
    We visited just over a year ago
    and had a wonderful time!
    If I had to choose somewhere
    'Oop north' to live then it would
    be York!