Sunday, 6 June 2010

Kitchen revamp and a very good read

I'm suffering from fuzzy brain today, I have three times been to the kitchen to make a cuppa and each time returned with food but no drink, I'm now sitting comfortably!

We have finally saved enough money for our kitchen makeover. Living in a Tyneside flat we have a tiny tiny galley kitchen which is a difficult thing to work with. As it feels so small we have decided to get base units only, and have the upper walls open shelved to hopefully give a feeling of more space, currently we have upper and lower units and I think it feels oppressive and darker than needs be. I'm not brave enough to post a 'before' pic as it's a tip at the moment but I promise I will in due course!

So onto our plans. We definately want the IKEA Varde freestanding units and I'm praying they will be a good fit and not too wide as to leave even less space down the centre of the galley. I definately want this because it has such lovely character! I'd also like to ask our joiner if he can make something like this which I could paint in a similar colour to the plate rack so I can get all my lovely crockery on display!

So to this weekend, on Friday, after a particularly long and difficult working week I returned to these beauties from my lovely other half, he's a gem, he also made a huge pan of chilli which is seeing us through the weekend and probably most of next week!

I thought I'd share my lovely lady with you too, she was found in a vintage shop in town frame and all for just £8, I just love the headband and her darling smile, the darker border shows from some slight damage to the back but adds to her charm! The picture has a blue/green tint that you can't see here, she's by my front door and I love her!

And finally, a new book, a recommendation from a friend, I ordered it through Amazon and thought this version in hardback with pretty roses was particularly lovely, then when I opened it I thought, hang on, that's very CK, and it is indeed an anniversary CK edition! I'm about a third of the way through already, it's incredibly witty, quite a gentle read but perfect for a bit of escapism on a Sunday afternoon! I well recommend it myself!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


  1. Hi Thanks for the comment, I also love pearls and have a few more ideas,but it's always nice to know what people like.

    I love your picture we're suckers for old prints and photo's
    Have a good week
    Cate x

  2. What a great post - we lived in a Tyneside flat when our boys were babies (a challenging experience) and remember well the tiny kitchen. We kind of converted our dining room into a make-shift kitchen extension, and had lots of storage shelves and a kitchen table in there.

    And what a coincidence that we both posted about the provincial lady on the same day! I'm glad you're enjoying it - I find that she sometimes makes me cynical, as she is rather cynical in her dry way, but I love her just the same.

  3. hi toby tea cozy, thanks for visiting me today. i would love the have a go with spirograph again, so addictive!

    i love the ikea free standing units, all that chunky wood. and your girl with the headband is so lovely. whenever i see something like that, i wish i knew who they were. could stare and wonder all day.