Saturday, 26 June 2010

Pooch friends and a WIP

We've had a lovely day Toby and I, for the first time we had a friend round with her two pooches, one little labrador puppy (a real andrex puppy!) and a lovely old boy. Our little rescue pup was a star, don't know what I was worried about, they played really nicely all afternoon and it was a joy to see, think we'll be having friends of the canine kind round here more often! He's asleep now bless him, this is the only photo I got, a flurry of tails!

This is a work in progress, as you can see I stitch sporadically, it's nearly done and I have a little frame and ribbon waiting for it for my front room, I love swallows, they're beautiful and I also have a thing for these 'tattoo' type designs, it's an Emily Peacock design that came with this month's Cross Stitcher mag, I'm not a regular reader but this design jumped out at me!

I hope you're enjoying this lovely weather, it's been blissful today, I'm off to read the Guardian out in the sun!

1 comment:

  1. Oh I really like that design, very cool. The dogs look like they're having great fun!!!

    Mel xxx