Sunday, 27 June 2010

Scent-sational Roses

Thanks to Sal for her lovely rose garden photos, they reminded me of the rose garden near us at Saltwell Park, we went too late last year but this year they were just perfect, if I could bottle that scent I would, a close best is the YSL Paris Roses that I wear every spring/summer, it's a real old fashioned scent but always cheers me up.

This one is my absolute fave, I love the yellow centre and gorgeous waxy peach petals, they're so big and blowsy

We just spotted this cheeky chap on the way for an icecream

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  1. These are lovely photos. here in France our roses are nearly over, which I have to admit is sad. It just gets too dry for flowers (except lavender) in July... So I shall just enjoy your photos