Thursday, 22 July 2010

Engagement week off!

I just have to share the pics of the beautiful engagement cake our lovely friend made us, I wish I could keep some for you but it's going fast, and it tastes as good as it looks. We have some wonderful friends, can't wait to share our wedding plans with them!

Big thanks to Janet Clare for her recommendation of the Fat Quarters at Blackhall Mill, it did not disappoint. The surrounding area was lovely, we had a really nice walk and then I picked up a Moda pack, a scrap pack which was great value, and some other bits and bats, I am pleased with the colour choices, now on with my first quilt ever!

We spotted this lovely little beauty:

Moda fabrics:

Scrap pack - lots and lots to see here:

Bits and bats:

Toby is sporting a very fine bandana made from a piece from the scrap pack, I was getting bored towards the end of our week off!

Well it's back to earth with a bump, lots of people to tell our exciting news to, but lots of work to do at the same time!

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