Monday, 12 July 2010

Horsing around

Another lovely weekend has passed and I am super relaxed because as of Thursday I am off work for six lovely long days! I have a few things planned, not least of all heading to Blackhall Mill to The Fat Quarters to seek out materials for my first ever quilt (and some other projects)! Thanks to the lovely Janet Clare for confirming my suspicions that making the journey into the more rural parts of Gateshead will be worthwhile!

We met these beauties on our usual Saturday walk, so gentle, it was lovely to stop and stroke their silky noses, next week calls for an extra bag of apples I think! Wish you could see the trees they're under, that's another photo for another week I think, maybe you can help me identify which kind they are too as I've struggled to come up with anything yet!

These ones look like they're in love (I'm so childish!)

Toby took the time to explore my Mam's back yard and I managed to snap a quick pic before he hopped on out again!

And finally, this is an old photo from about a year ago which is on my desktop at work, I'm a sucker for a colourful beach hut and these ones at Whitby are gorge, snapped from the boat tour I took with work when I first started in June 2009:

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