Friday, 27 August 2010

Books books books! and a plea to visit your local library if you don't already!

Having re-visited the local library I'm amazed at what they have on offer now! When I was younger I was an even more avid reader, but started to find I'd read all of their stock! Now I have new interests and have found lots of lovely craft and cookery books at my local. I picked up this little gem, I was going to buy this a while back, how thrifty is that! It's a lovely book, part thrifty ideas, like a cakestand made from old plates and dainty teacups; part designer furniture, lots of inspiration here.

I'm also re-reading these beauties from my own collection, lots of snippets, tips and titbits to dip into so they're kept by the bed, I adore their covers too! My love of macaroons spiralled out of control after reading the Laduree pages! Apologies for their jaunty angle, problems with the editor!

And finally, a Lapin and Me buy, a 100drine tin for my love letters from Mr TTC, they were getting a little worn and faded so now they have a lovely home! I'm a sucker for a love letter, we send each other little notes now, but the ones from the early days, from when we were 17, now they're really special! I'm getting all mushy, time for a cuppa I think!

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  1. I haven't seen the re-make it book before I will order it from the library they must groan when my orders come up on line :)
    My daughter is obsessed with the Goddess Guides (backcombing and bows) is her blog I'm sure she'd love to meet someone else who likes them.
    bye for now Cate x