Saturday, 7 August 2010


Hello again! I have finally sat down and filled out the forms so I will officially be a student again come November, I hope full time work and part time uni will be manageable but suspect crafty activities may unfortunately suffer, that said, I might be well on the way with my first patchwork quilt by then and might need somewhere to hide from all the work!

Thought I'd start by showing you the lovely giveaway goodies I received this week from Sal at her beautiful blog Sal's Snippets - thanks Sal, they're gorgeous and my shaky cam doesn't do them justice, the smell of lavender in my wardrobe is divine and the lacy beauty now adorns what was a very bare bookshelf!

I'm a big fan of minitures and would love to own a dolls house, hence I tend to covet tiny treasures, latest finds, a pretty little teapot bangle, very Alice in Wonderland, no? Also a lovely little pin picked up at the lovely new shop Made in Newcastle perfect for my autumn wardrobe.

Finally, this week saw the return of an old treasure, my now 27 year old baby blanket as made by my mother when I was a tiny dot, much loved, passed from me to my siblings and then onto cousins and extended family, I thought it might never return but it has, a little worn and faded and in need of some new binding and TLC but still precious to me!

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  1. The teapot is lovely.
    do you know where you can buy them from ? my daughter would love them thanks
    Cate x