Saturday, 28 August 2010

Wow, that's a bright cardigan!

Mr TTC treated me to this beauty today, one of the very few items of clothing purchased in the last six months, but worth breaking the 'no spend' rule because this is by far my favourite ever colour! It's a little more orange than this, more a mustard colour. Mr TTC no longer rolls his eyes when I ask for quite random photos for my blog! Have a lovely weekend sweets!


  1. That is a gorgeous cardigan!!
    Thanks fo poping by and taking part in my giveaway!!

  2. That's incredible - and I think the colour suits your skin so well too. Your were right about it being Lourdes - I've never seen it from that angle, but it's the closest place of pilgrimage around here, so it makes sense...

  3. love this cardigan, it is gorgeous!