Sunday, 12 September 2010

Three of my favourite things...and a wedding venue, hurrah!

It' s been a quiet sorta week, we took three days off together, so we had a short working week which was lovely, followed by a weekend of R&R. My three favourite things from this week were:

Exhibit A: Fry's Turkish Delight, never could resist that pink wrapper!

Exhibit B: Airing the house out so a hound got up on the bed - "what do you mean I'm not supposed to be here?"

Exhibit C: Gorgeous dusky rose plant, engagement present from a lovely friend from Uni!

We found time to see the wedding venue we've been thinking of, we both agreed it has everything we need and more and would be a lovely backdrop, but a blank canvas inside. I don't want to give too much away, but am too excited not to share a sneaky peek with you! It won't be a huge wedding, or a hugely expensive wedding either, but we've fallen in love with the setting and it's a place with lots of happy memories, not least of all because we both came here as kids before we even met and now share our own memories of the place too! I am really looking forward to the crafty ideas I have in mind, better get a guest list together eh!


  1. looks perfect

    Turkish delight is my daughters fave as well I love the stuff in the wooden box
    cate x

  2. Turkish delight is my fave!! Especially that brand!

    Ohh how exciting, planning a wedding!!
    Enjoy spending your time planning your perfect day!