Sunday, 3 October 2010

New beginnings

Well I've had a busy few weeks but I'm back! First we saw my little bro head off to Uni, I think he's gonna really enjoy it but I really miss him, he'll be back soon for his birthday though so I'll have to spoil him rotten with stuff to take back to his Halls of Residence! And it's back to uni for me too, really odd to have a Student Union card after five years of being away from academia but I'm really looking forward to it and the OU seems really good. Mr TTC treated me to a fab new lamp for the study, I'm a sucker for glitter and lava lamps so combining the two is great!

These beauts also turned up on the same day when I returned from work, gorgeous smell and all, I love gerberas!

The spare room is also in much better nick ready for me starting my studies, this beauty came from my parents house and I wouldn't let them throw it out, I love it, I'm going to get our joiner to fit shelves for me to store my crafts (btw kitchen refit starts next week, eek!) the paper is underfoot as it had just been moved and was a bit wobbly but it looks good in its new home!

And this wee kiddies bookshelf was an old antiques fayre find, looking much better now my clutter has had the boot!

It's a busy old time at the moment but we've taken time out for lots of walks with Toby and this reminded me not to complain about the rainy day walks!

That's all for now but I'll be back soon with some exciting kitchen pics I hope!


  1. I hope your new lamp doesen't keep you from your studies :) nice wardrobe
    cate x

  2. Good luck with your studies :) xx

  3. Love the wardrobe such a good idea to give it a new use!