Monday, 1 November 2010

Hello again

Sorry it's been so long, the kitchen has taken longer than expected owing to some unexpected problems but I'm back online, we have a working fridge freezer, oven, hob and washing machine but it's still a while off being finished, can't wait til I can show you some final pictures. In fact, this lovely sign Mr TTC did in the kitchen mess says it all:

In the meantime, a huge thanks to Melissa at Country in the Town for these wonderful giveaway prizes, they arrived at a particularly low moment in the kitchen process, thanks :) x

Beautiful things:

Gorgeous mug in situ in the new kitchen:

Autumn is here, but not for long, lots of lovely colours to see on walks with Toby but the leaves are falling fast and we've had some very cold nights.

Luckily my new biscuit barrel is keeping me company, but not for too long as I am having a look in a wedding dress shop this weekend!

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  1. Nightmare, having the kitchen done is so stressful! I hope you don't have much more upheaval hun. So glad you like the goodies :)

    Mel xxx