Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Wedding talk

Hello again, uni work and a new job have been distracting me of late and I've been keeping up to date with your lovely blogs, but not my own! I am just about to be promoted, which is lovely and a real compliment, but terrible timing as I've just started my part time degree and I know this is mad, but we've set a date for our wedding next July too! I've been spending lots of time mulling lots of things over of late, work wise and home wise while we've had an interlude from doing the kitchen.

Mr TTC and I have been in love for nearly ten years, each other's first loves, and yet planning the wedding has really made me reflect on what marriage means! I've loved thinking about music and readings and making it a special day for us, and our family and friends, and the fact that it's a small affair makes it all the more special! Outside of the planning though it's been lovely to take the time to reflect on our partnership, how we've grown up together, and the promise of what the future holds - how exciting!

I'm still thinking about a fiftieth post giveaway, so watch this space - camera is getting a rest as it's out of action at the moment!


  1. Lovely to hear you're getting married, congratulations.

  2. What a lovely post! Its so lovely to hear someone say those things, so many people get caught up in the frilly stuff they forget what it's actually all about!
    When we got married it was planned in 6 weeks, was small but perfect!