Friday, 17 December 2010

Comfort and Joy

A week to go and then I can flop down and relax! University work is going really well, I bagged 84% on my first assignment so I'm really pleased I seem to be managing to juggle full time work with my studies :) This year Mr TTC and I have decided for the first year of our 10 together that we will have our Christmas dinner just the two of us (and Tobydog of course!) and I must say I'm feeling good about doing something special just for us. Every year we have the 'whose parents do we go to' discussion, there's a lot to consider and I felt that last year I was pulled in all sorts of directions! I'm looking forward to home comforts and a peaceful Christmas whatever happens!

I hope you have a restful time and a break fellow bloggers, all the best for the festive season! Happy Holidays to you and yours!


  1. Well done to you to breaking what can become a lifetimes habit ;)

    We are at home this year - just the 4 of us - perfect :)

  2. Enjoy your day together, Merry Christmas.

  3. Hope you and Mr TTC have had a lovely Christmas together and wish you both a fabulous new year!!!