Sunday, 5 December 2010

Snow business

Hello again! It's been a bit of a boring old week of getting to grips with my new job, handing in my first OU assignment and doing a bit of wedding planning on the side. That said, in the last few weeks we have made good progress, I have a dress and a headband, we have a venue for the service and the reception so things are well on their way, and we have lots and lots of ideas waiting to be pulled together!

We've been a bit stuck in on account of the North East weather! I love the snow, it's beautiful, I only wish I had time to stop and enjoy it like the kids near us, we didn't get to see it with its roof on but I was impressed with the construction so far!

We did however get out on a walk with Toby this weekend and had great fun clambering around and about the snow, carrying our little terrier across the deepest patches, I've a pair of wellies on order and Mr TTC has been wearing some 'interesting' footwear this week! Better prepared next time though!

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  1. Wow - our snow was forecast and then didn't come - very disappointed children! I hope my Ben will get home tomorrow - he's been working in the UK and spending the weekend with his parents. Flying from Gatwick tomorrow evening, if all's well...

    I loved hearing about your weekend - I hope things get back to normal to help with your preparation now, though.